fredag 6 juni 2014


A year and a half I found this awesome educational tool: Didactor and I know there's a few of this out there and I know this costs some money (2€/student and year) but I still believe it's well worth it. Didactor is a very user friendly tool, with low learning curve, both for students as fellow teachers.

I love the easy way it is to make the tasks and almost even more the easy and very detailed way to follow up each students results. I've had one and two students that have told me that they have done all the tasks, they have spent hours with it and I should let them through this course.

I log into Didactor, choose the course, the students and I can see exactly how long time they've been trying. In the example below, the student who had spent hours on a specific task had in real spend 39 seconds. Not 30s, 40s, half a minute, almost a minute, but exactly 39 seconds! 

How do I make it?
How to make a course, add students/group, tasks, add tasks to a course. 

So, what do your students see when they log in?
From log in, what tasks to be done, some practice and that's it.

So your students are ready? 
Now you want to follow them up? The boring correct data phase and you have loads of students, bye bye weekend... or maybe not? :)

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