onsdag 19 september 2018

TeacherGaming desk & games

TeacherGaming should be so lucky over this awesome teacher in US, Joel Solomon at Village East Elementary School, as he makes so many great tutorials. His link collection is truly impressive too. You can find Mr Solomon's YouTube channel here.

TeacherGaming login
As in many platforms the teacher's and the student's view differ, the TG Desk is no exception. Mr Solomon explains the difference here:

Edit a lesson
Here's a pretty neat feature, edit one of TeacherGaming's ready made lessons.

Educational games
TeacherGaming act as an educational equivalent to STEAM or Origin, a portal to great educational games.

So a great game to start your TeacherGaming experience is with the game Stranded - the game teach the students to class spirit and collaboration. This is also a nice game where you as a teacher can get familiar to the platform as it works in a browser.

Life of Bryan
How do you spend your money and time to reach your goals. Learning financial and opportunities but it also teach youth the basic life skills in order to pass school and get a job.

The Electric Shocktopus
The game explains the electrical - positive and negative - charges. And it's also all about timing. You move your octopus with arrow keys and shift. The more levels you unlock, the more editing tools you lock up in order to make your own levels. When you're doing your own levels, you can repeat and confirm your  new knowledge.

Slice Fractions
Students will learn how to add, subtract, and interpret fractions by playing the game "Slice Fractions".

This is another game that helps students learn about fractions, but without the mammoth. A bit more adult graphics too.

Contraption Maker
Students will explore and learn how to make Rube Goldberg machines through problem solving various puzzles or even design own ones. A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overcomplicated fashion. Often, these machines consist of a series of simple devices that are linked together to produce a domino effect, in which each device triggers the next one, and the original goal is achieved only after many steps.

Reach for the Sun
The life cycle of a plant, you will develop a plant from a seed to it gives a fruit. You have limited time (rounds) to achieve your goal.

Dr. Guts
A game that teach students to understand the human body systems.

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