fredag 21 november 2014

Kahoot update

Today when I was about to update an old Kahoot I realized they had add a future I had have in my secret wishlist: possibility to share my quiz to a colleague without make it public.

So either you click on your quiz and share it (orange box and arrow)

Or find the quiz in your list and share it from the list (orange box)

When you click on share, you will get this window up and now it's good if you have your colleagues username. Start guessing wasn't an option, believe me...

Once I have my colleagues user name, he/she is found in the database, either I pick the right one in the list or finish write the name.

Once I have pushed the SHARE button, and it's a success, I will get this message:

My colleague will receive an e-mail with information, what quiz I've shared with him/her.

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